Universal Dynamics, Inc. has formed alliances with cutting-edge organizations that have created, tested, and implemented quality solutions.  UDI supplies the global market with all the necessary tools for a safe environment:

  • Infrastructure/Perimeter Security Enhancement
  • Facility Access Control
  • Engineer-rated Vehicle Barriers
  • Engineer-rated Industrial Fencing
  • Day/night Sensor Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Sensors

DELAY:  Barriers, Bollards, Drop-arms
Unwanted intruders and vehicles from penetrating barriers into protected areas

DENY:  Barriers, Bollards, Drop-arms
Unscreened personnel and vehicles from accessing protected areas

DETER:  Fencing
Malicious and criminal activities from occurring at your facility

DETECT:  Fencing
Intruders and vehicles approaching the perimeter of the facility

ASSESS:  Cameras & Sensors
Potential intruder and vehicle threats at the command control center

RESPOND:  Crash at ACP (access control point)
Take appropriate actions necessary to overcome the threat and protect the asset



We can assist your organization by:

  •  Designing turn-key integrated security solutions
  •  Realizing a higher return on your project investment
  •  Managing your risks
  •  Aligning project solutions with your operational priorities
  •  Integrating multiple areas of expertise to arrive at a better solutions

Our project teams provide complete “turnkey” services to help you manage and implement complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation.

  •  Design and Construction
  •  Networking and Cabling
  •  Video Walls / Video Displays
  •  Enterprise Video Management
  •  Serial or IP Sensor Integration